Will Hardness  After Liposuction Go Away?



Patients frequently ask about the hardness after liposuction of the skin areas treated. They want to know what causes it, how long it lasts, and if there is anything that they can do to help soften the skin. The following information will answer these questions and provide you with a better understanding of how the body recovers following liposuction.

What Causes Hardness?

The hardness experienced after tumescent liposuction is perfectly normal. It is part of the body’s healing process and a response to changes in the tissue structure. After a liposuction treatment, the tissue folds over because it isn’t being filled-out by the excess fat anymore. This creates a certain degree of hardness while that body re-adjusts and heals.

Is the Hardness Permanent?

While the hardening of the tissues in areas treated with liposuction may feel unnatural, this sensation is only temporary. The hardness will begin to dissipate with time to restore a natural softness. In most instances the skin regains its normal tenderness within four to six months. However, the duration of firmness can extend from six months to well over a year in some circumstances.

The degree and extent of the hardness is determined by a number of factors. Patients that have had liposuction several times in the same area may develop more persistent hardening. The amount of fat removed can also impact the firmness of the skin. For patients having abdominal liposuction, previous surgeries such as c-sections, tummy tucks and other operations can also increase the persistence of hardness.

5 Tips to Help Reduce Hardness After Liposuction

There are several steps you can take leading up to your liposuction procedure and following surgery that will help to reduce the duration of tissue hardness.

1.  Use a Natural Anti-inflammatory: Prior to liposuction, apply a natural anti-inflammatory product such as arnica, and continue using the cream for up to two weeks following the treatment. This natural anti-inflammatory cream helps with the swelling after surgery and can alleviate the firmness of the skin.

The swelling associated with liposuction occurs due to a couple of reasons. Immediately after the surgery there is swelling due to the retention of fluids used during the numbing process. Most of this fluid will drain from the incisions within 24 to 48 hours after the surgery, although some fluid may remain within the tissues for several more days or weeks. The swelling is also part of the normal healing process as the body recovers. By using a natural anti-inflammatory, the hardness of the tissues can be reduced.

2. Multivitamin Supplements: Following surgery it’s highly recommended to take multivitamins to help with the healing process.  Mega Multivitamin powder and Nitric Oxide Support supplements are ideal. The multivitamins will help to ensure that the body has all the nourishment needed to heal the tissues. Nitric oxide supplements will give the body a boost through improving blood circulation and the delivery of healing nutrients to the treatment area. This will enable to body to heal faster and more efficiently, also reducing the longevity of the firmness.

3. Immune Support: Use a natural supplement such as Wobenzym to boost the immune system. This enzyme based product will help the body to heal quickly and reduce hardness. Ideally, this supplement should be taken a week before the surgery and immediately after the surgery ,if you are on antibiotics skip those days ,and then resume taking the Wobenzym for at least 4-6 months following the liposuction.

4. Close-fitting Garments: Tight-fitting garments will help with the hardness and firmness while the body is adjusting and reshaping itself. For the best results, your garments should have a snug fit for the four to six weeks following liposuction. This will ensure that your body receives the most benefit from the liposuction treatment.

5. Lymphatic Drainage: This is the most important process for reducing the hardness following liposuction. You need to have at least ten sessions following surgery, as well as an ultrasound. This helps to remove any excess fluids and boosts the immune system.

By following these five points and taking on board the advice from your surgeon, you’ll achieve the best possible results from liposuction and your tissues will heal quickly. The hardness associated with the treatment zones will dissipate faster and your skin will return to its normal firmness.

If you have any questions about liposuction procedures or would like to know more about the recovery process, please contact Dr. Carter’s patient coordinator on (770) 450-0846.

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